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CD-ROM The Adult Hip 2 Too young for this pain

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Interactive Multimedia Program
ISBN 978089203778-0

With The Adult Hip, Case 2, you learn by doing. Make decisions. Increase your knowledge with media-rich resources and interactive and engaging teaching methods. Follow the thinking of expert surgeons as they offer critical insights and details at every step of this case. You will:

Face a challenging diagnosis. Evaluate your patient's gait, complete physical exams, and study a variety of radiographic techniques, MR arthrograms, and even 3D imaging.

Weigh the potential complications in planning your treatment. Compare possible surgical fixations and evaluate indications and contraindications for periacetabular osteotomy

Confront a formidable learning curve.

Study the PAO procedure outlined on a Sawbones(R) model. Watch these steps repeated on a live patient. Learn how to tell if the acetabular fragment is in the proper position.

PRACTICAL one-on-one learning with leading surgeons
FUN and INTERACTIVE… learner-centered, friendly format
SELF-PACED with instant feedback… You can even have a do-over to improve your score!

QUESTION THE AUTHORS AND EDITORS on The Adult Hip social media link! Study in–depth with full length articles or take a quick review with the video summary that you can download to your computer, phone, or tablet.

Educational Objectives:

Illustrate at least one method of determining if the tilt and rotation of an AP pelvic radiograph is acceptable

Recall four contraindications for periacetabular osteotomy

Summarize at least three checkpoints to help ensure that the acetabular fragment is in the proper position

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