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CD-ROM The Adult Hip 1 Slippin' and Slidin'

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Interactive Multimedia Program
ISBN 978089203777-3

With The Adult Hip, Case 1, you learn by doing. Make decisions. Increase your knowledge with media-rich resources and interactive and engaging teaching methods. Expert surgeons offer critical insights and details at every step of this case.

PRACTICAL one-on-one learning with leading surgeons
FUN and INTERACTIVE… learner-centered, friendly format
SELF-PACED with instant feedback… You can even have a do-over to improve your score!

You could spend countless hours finding articles and researching what you need to know about intertrochanteric fractures OR you can discover The Adult Hip, where the most salient points and concepts are distilled into a comprehensive but self-paced, interactive learning experience. Incomparable depth, breadth, and VALUE!

Educational Objectives:

Distinguish between stable and unstable intertrochanteric fracture patterns and identify fractures that could become unstable.

Confidently assess whether or not an intertrochanteric fracture reduction will be successful.

Know how to measure T-A-D to determine implant placement.

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